Forms & Documents

Governing Documents

Declaration of Protective Covenants (CC&Rs)


Amendment 1  (Addresses prohibited structures)
Amendment 2  (Addresses allowable gross residential floor area)
Amendment 3  (Addresses temporary structures and prohibited activities)

Amendment 4  (Addresses temporary structures / storage / parking issues)
Amendment 5  (Prohibits short-term rentals < 30 days)
Amendment 6  (Prohibits timeshares)
Amendment 7  (Prohibits fractional ownership)  


Resolution 2019-1  (Collection Policy)
Resolution 2019-2  (Reserve Funds & Reserve Study Policy)
Resolution 2019-3  (Conflict of Interest Policy)
Resolution 2019-4  (Dispute Between Association & Property Owners Policy)
Resolution 2019-5  (Association Records Policy)
Resolution 2020-1  (Postpone 2020 Annual Meeting)
Resolution 2020-2  (Clarification of Related Persons)

Neighborhood Rules & Regulations

Neighborhood Rules and Regulations

Construction and Improvements

Construction Guidelines Document

Expense Reimbursement 

Expense Reimbursement Policy Document 
Expense Reimbursement Form

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